Thursday, April 16, 2009

LIPS TOUCH cover artwork

I won't be able to show the interior artwork until the book sees publication (October 1st), but here's the cover. For a great, more in-depth post about the creation of the book, check out Laini's blog entry here. We are very excited about 2009 for many reasons and this book being released is among the the top things we're feeling lucky and proud about. Collaborating on an illustrated novel has been something we've dreamed about since we were dating in art school. Thank you to Arthur Levine for helping us see this through and for pushing us to think about an illustrated book in new and unique ways.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Art catch-up (a little at least) and Project Book Babe

Here are some recent cropped portions of art for a couple different projects that I've been working on. The two fantasy clippings are from Laini's upcoming Penguin/Putnam DREAMDARK sequel out in September entitled "DREAMDARK: SILKSINGER" (the cover to which is over in my side blog column). The pencils are from an upcoming (creepy!) project for Scholastic's educational department. More on this project as it (quickly!) progresses.

And lastly, here is an ink sketch I did for a donated ARC of Laini's and my upcoming illustrated teen novel (published by Arthur A. Levine Books) entitled LIPS TOUCH. This ARC -- as well as a sketched-in copy of the first DREAMDARK harcover and a SILKSINGER (ARC) -- is all going to be auctioned off for the "Project Book Babe" fundraiser that Laini and a BUNCH of other talented authors contributed to (the main event of which happened last weekend, but the auctioned items will be available over the coming week or more). It was a HUGELY successful event for a great cause. Cheers to all those involved and (of course!) to Faith, for whom this event was created to benefit.