Friday, July 06, 2007

Aim for the head

In my daily stop at Fuse #8's blog (aka - Betsy Bird), she had a great banner like the one below to take a Zombie Apocalypse survival test. Being a gigantic nerd for stuff like this AND very skilled with a hand gun (* see below) I decided to take the test being as honest as possible.


Here's my score:


BUT, if I cheat and answer how I think they want to hear, I did much better:


So, while my 54% score may be an "F" in the real world, I choose to look at it more optimistically and say that I have a slightly better than 50/50 chance of surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Or, I could become a cold-hearted b@$!@*d and only have a 3% chance of dying! A proud day indeed for ol' Jimbo :) Laini also took the test and while she's looking at the results in a glass half empty perspective, dammit she made me proud!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Art, guns, and pie

Here's a clipping/detail of a piece I just finished. The whole piece will be posted on my website when I do the update (soon, I promise! (or soon-ish actually :) I'll also put more of the step-by-step piece up soon too.

Hope you all had a great 4th! Laini and I had her parents, one of their friends, our rad niece Izzy (with whom I had a looooooong watergun fight with. Note to self: 11 year-old girls are better shots than you think they would be...), and a couple of neighbors over for a simple BBQ and teeny fireworks demo. Great fun. Laini and I also collaborated on a low-fat pie/fruit tart for dessert using the graham cracker crust recipe I altered from the pie cookbook her sweet Mom gave me for my last birthday. Here're a few pics (please excuse the dead lawn -- we just can't justify using all the water it'd take to keep it alive during the summer. It looked nice until about 3 weeks ago I swear!)