Sunday, June 27, 2010

So children actually DO take up some time after all (doi!)

Well, I'd whole-heartedly planned on a total website redesign with tons of new work uploaded, but those lofty goals are, alas, not meant to be for now (*see post title!!*). I came to the conclusion that my work time was better spent, well, working, than on a redesign, but I still managed to upload some of my recent work. I'll get the remaining "Color" gallery dead links connected soon too (most, but not all are operable. The samples of my artwork for the novel LIPS TOUCH will be linked to full pages soon...I'm pretty sure at least). In the meantime, here's my new "Home" page, but I plan on rotating that image around every few months.

Much is being worked on and much is brewing (woohoo!), and Laini and I are having a blast with our li'l Clementine and her first summer in the world!

Thanks for checking in!