Friday, November 24, 2006

Dreamdark advance copies!

We just received these from the publisher a few days ago and while it's exciting to see them like this, I can't wait to see the hard cover version complete with wraparound book jacket and embossed foil lettering!

Sigh, gotta wait almost 7 more months for those!

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Website Updated!

The site has new work in all of the galleries with the exception of the "Sequentials" gallery (although that may change shortly...)

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Office and Sushi!

Just finished another piece (see the small cropping/detail from the mixed media painting above). I'm learning more and more about the digital artwork process as I progress on these recent pieces (some traditional painting done and then finished on the computer) and I'm really only beginning to see the possibilities (and I'm VERY excited about it!). Two more pieces to finish before my website update and then I'll get back to working on a project or two that I've shelved for the past few weeks (not a huge secret or anything, but I just don't know if anything will come of them for a while).

Good stuff tonight as Laini brought home some take-out sushi AND one of our favorite shows, The Office, is on tonight. Sweet goodness!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Almost Ready for a Website Update

Thanks for all of the kind words from the "Illustration Friday" participants about my last art posting. For those artists out there who want to join a very welcoming and friendly crowd, I encourage you to take part.

As for the art above, it's a small cropped detail of a piece I finished last week. Currently I'm finishing up 3 pieces and while I hoped to have them done by now, a bit of election fever on my part distracted me over the last couple days (Woohoo!) but I'm back at it today. As the post title says, I'll be doing a semi-big website update soon where I'll show all of these pieces in their entirety as well as a few other new things.


Oh Yeah!


Friday, November 03, 2006

Illustration Friday: "Smoke"

I haven't put up any art to participate in "Illustration Friday" for quite a while but a cropping from an oooold piece of mine just fit too well NOT to participate.

I should have 3 new pieces done by the middle of next week and then a fairly big update on my website will follow.

We saw "The Prestige" this past week. VERY good movie by a truly amazing cast (and the writer/director is awesome too!). I ended up being kind of a butthead though, as I guessed a couple of the twists about halfway through the movie and instead of keeping them to myself I whispered them to Laini (-- I couldn't help it though! I was like "A-HA! I've GOT it!") Anyhow, she was WAY more forgiving of my spoiler than I would have been (see previous post about how much I hate spoilers! :) Everyone should go out and see the movie if you haven't (in my humble opinion).