Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Office and Sushi!

Just finished another piece (see the small cropping/detail from the mixed media painting above). I'm learning more and more about the digital artwork process as I progress on these recent pieces (some traditional painting done and then finished on the computer) and I'm really only beginning to see the possibilities (and I'm VERY excited about it!). Two more pieces to finish before my website update and then I'll get back to working on a project or two that I've shelved for the past few weeks (not a huge secret or anything, but I just don't know if anything will come of them for a while).

Good stuff tonight as Laini brought home some take-out sushi AND one of our favorite shows, The Office, is on tonight. Sweet goodness!


1 comment:

Laini Taylor said...

Another terrific piece! Love this new style -- it just keeps getting better.