Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Sequential Sample

Here's a sample page from the aforementioned comic book REX MUNDI. For those who might be reading this and not be familiar with it, it's a fantastic tale written by my now friend Arvid Nelson. He describes it in a nutshell as "A quest for the Holy Grail, told as a murder mystery." It takes place in an alternate history 1930's France and will ultimately be a finite story concluding in 35 issues (again, issue 15 -- done by ME! :) -- just came out last week). The new artist on it will do a fantastic job, and if you're interested in the comic, check out www.rexmundi.net for more info.

I've spent the first half of my day finishing up a 20"x30" drawing that has a bit of watercolor on it that I'm doing for a local art show at the restaurant I work at. I plan on having about 10 pieces hanging for my show and hope to make some holiday money by selling a few. Last time I hung some art there I sold 8 pieces, so wish me luck! (hello? Is anybody out there? Hmm -- If a person blogs and no one reads it... :) Once I get my computer/scanner issues resolved (don't ask) I'll post this and other pieces--fun stuff (imho).


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Some whimsy and a ramble

This is a mixed media painting (watercolors and oils) I did as a personal piece for my portfolio. Shortly thereafter an editor from Paizo Publishing contacted me and asked if she could show this painting (and several other artist's paintings) to "a writer" to see if "he" wanted to write a VERY short story using the art he chose as inspiration. When the editor phoned to tell me that my piece had been chosen, I was flattered. During the conversation though, she informed me that the writer was Harlan Ellison AND that Neil Gaiman was going to write an introduction! My jaw dropped and I could hardly believe it!

However, neither fame nor fortune have followed, but it's still a pretty good story when I tell it to people who know who either of them are! If they don't, well, then it's actually NOT that great of a story I guess ... :)


Greetings world! Get ready! ...

... although nothing may happen here for a while... :)