Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some Art (and Gone Baby Gone)

These're some small cropped clippings of art (at the pencil stage -- there's more to be done indeed!) for a fun White Wolf book I'm working on amidst other projects. These books are always a lot of fun!

Also, has everyone out there seen the movie "Gone Baby Gone" ? Laini and I Netflixed it and watched it last night and WOW we enjoyed it SO much! It has much more of a noir feel to it than I ever imagined. Plus, I'm such a freaking sucker for movies/novels/comics where the main character isn't necessarily the baddest in the room, but they sure as hell aren't about to take any crap. It makes me want to re-watch the clever little movie "Brick" from a year or two ago.

Along those noir lines, lately I've been reading the Charlie Huston novels featuring the vampire P.I., Joe Pitt, AND having a weekly "Revenge Movie Night" with the guys (okay, and a few girls too sometimes), so I'm feeling very immersed in that vibe lately...and it's gooooooood! :)


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

BANG! and bass

First off, many thanks to those who left kind comments about our baby news (!!), to all those who sent e-mails and called, and for the generous gifts that we've received already too! Amazing kindness out there, so thank you again! We're very excited!

Secondly, I've been hired on to a VERY cool book project that I'm pretty sure I can discuss fairly soon, but I'll just say that it involves one of my all time favorite authors, creepy kids, and aliens! The deadline will probably come up pretty quickly and I'll see if I can post some art in the near future.

Lastly, the drawings above are just some images that I'm using as part of two gifts for some great friends of mine -- but they don't blog, so this shouldn't result in any spoilers (I hope!).

Be well!