Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some Art (and Gone Baby Gone)

These're some small cropped clippings of art (at the pencil stage -- there's more to be done indeed!) for a fun White Wolf book I'm working on amidst other projects. These books are always a lot of fun!

Also, has everyone out there seen the movie "Gone Baby Gone" ? Laini and I Netflixed it and watched it last night and WOW we enjoyed it SO much! It has much more of a noir feel to it than I ever imagined. Plus, I'm such a freaking sucker for movies/novels/comics where the main character isn't necessarily the baddest in the room, but they sure as hell aren't about to take any crap. It makes me want to re-watch the clever little movie "Brick" from a year or two ago.

Along those noir lines, lately I've been reading the Charlie Huston novels featuring the vampire P.I., Joe Pitt, AND having a weekly "Revenge Movie Night" with the guys (okay, and a few girls too sometimes), so I'm feeling very immersed in that vibe lately...and it's gooooooood! :)


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