Sunday, November 13, 2005

Some whimsy and a ramble

This is a mixed media painting (watercolors and oils) I did as a personal piece for my portfolio. Shortly thereafter an editor from Paizo Publishing contacted me and asked if she could show this painting (and several other artist's paintings) to "a writer" to see if "he" wanted to write a VERY short story using the art he chose as inspiration. When the editor phoned to tell me that my piece had been chosen, I was flattered. During the conversation though, she informed me that the writer was Harlan Ellison AND that Neil Gaiman was going to write an introduction! My jaw dropped and I could hardly believe it!

However, neither fame nor fortune have followed, but it's still a pretty good story when I tell it to people who know who either of them are! If they don't, well, then it's actually NOT that great of a story I guess ... :)

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