Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Sequential Sample

Here's a sample page from the aforementioned comic book REX MUNDI. For those who might be reading this and not be familiar with it, it's a fantastic tale written by my now friend Arvid Nelson. He describes it in a nutshell as "A quest for the Holy Grail, told as a murder mystery." It takes place in an alternate history 1930's France and will ultimately be a finite story concluding in 35 issues (again, issue 15 -- done by ME! :) -- just came out last week). The new artist on it will do a fantastic job, and if you're interested in the comic, check out www.rexmundi.net for more info.

I've spent the first half of my day finishing up a 20"x30" drawing that has a bit of watercolor on it that I'm doing for a local art show at the restaurant I work at. I plan on having about 10 pieces hanging for my show and hope to make some holiday money by selling a few. Last time I hung some art there I sold 8 pieces, so wish me luck! (hello? Is anybody out there? Hmm -- If a person blogs and no one reads it... :) Once I get my computer/scanner issues resolved (don't ask) I'll post this and other pieces--fun stuff (imho).


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