Thursday, January 05, 2006

Website update a'comin'

Reality is unfolding around us (!EEK!), as I've learned enough web design to get my wife's new website up and running ( and mine all completed and ready to upload! I'm only waiting on the &%$# grace/waiting period needed for transferring domain names from one company to another and then it's ON BABY! If I seem overly excited, it's because Laini and I have been wanting to know how to maintain/update/redesign our own websites since before we ever got our first sites up and running. To now have the god-like power to do our own updates without having to pester someone else to do things "just so" is a freaking dream-come-true.

For those who care, we've had the ability to design our own sites for more than a few years now (knowing enough about Photoshop to lay things out) but to actually do anything webby with the designs, well, we just couldn't devote the time (or so we thought!). For the time being, our new designs use a lot of white space and simplicity. This is mostly because we sometimes get frustrated trying to load sites that try to be too clever. I don't want to bag on sites like that too much however because there may come a time when we want to be a bit eccentric ourselves, so... :)

Soon I'll write about my December solo art show and link to some of the pieces on my site that I had up and some that sold.

Cheers and a belated Happy New Year!

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Alexandra S said...

Heyyyyyyyyyy! I'm quitting my day job so I can leave comments here full-time. This is fantastic-now we don't have to talk on the phone anymore OR even see each other in person- yahoo! Oh wait a second, didn't I just promise you to be nice? Seriously, write more and more and more. And thank you for being the wonderful Jimboboob that we all know and love!