Friday, January 20, 2006

My First Digital Painting (1-hour practice piece)

In the past 12 months I've been trying to teach myself more and more computer-specific skills, some out of necessity, some out of pure interest. I've learned how to color artwork in the traditional comic book way (which involves flatting/color separating and rendering, etc.), and some basic web design. Now I'm going to try and learn how to paint digitally -- we'll see how it goes amidst trying to get other things done (I know I'm not the only one who wishes the days were WAY longer -- ah, to be able to get MUCH more done every day ... sigh...). Anyhow, I will often do a "warm-up" drawing of something before I start working on anything else, just to get my creative blood flowing and it often works as a boost too (depending, of course, on how the piece turns out!). So, yesterday I drew this 9 x 12 drawing (approximately 15 or 20 minutes):

Then, after reading up on a few tutorials online (which were basically building on what I've learned about digital coloring from my work on Rex Mundi this past year) I decided later in the day to practice digital painting for the first time using yesterday's drawing. I mostly tried to treat it as a very loose, very NON-precious practice piece, not zooming in at all until the very last pass or two.
So, while I know it's not some major achievement, I am pretty psyched to do some more experimenting with digital painting. Here's the piece again after "painting" it for about 30 or 40 minutes:


alexandrg said...

My name is Jojobean. I just found your site-awesome to the tenth power.I run a Fruit Loop franchise out of Red Butt, California. I'll definitely be tuning in to your site again. Rock out the house,

alexandrg said...

Hi Jim,
I'm writing to you from Alexandra BLT G's helicopter. We're flying over Guadalajara right now. (Alex says hi!) Very cool blog! wooooooweeeeeeeeeee!
Hotdog Buffalo Billy wants to commission you to do a portrait of his ox, Martin, in his granddaddy's gauchos. Do you think you might have time next week??? LOve the blog, LOVE the art, LOVE the sentiments. You are a dandypup, Jimbo! And we all love you here in the air above Guadalajara!

alexandrg said...

Hi Jim,
I think I might have been one of your roommates at Willard Winston Psychward in Modesto! Remember me? Ernie Dougaldrip with the red poncho? Yeah bro, its me! Ernie! I'm so psyched to have found your site through Google! I always wondered what came of you, and now i know!! Its not a big deal at all that you're pretending all the artwork I did while we were locked up in Room 244-B is yours. I'm so past that. Do you remember after we had our lobotomies the same day when we talked about how we both felt really mellow, just really free....I just feel really good, you know what I mean? I better get going, but I'll be back! Call me!

Jim Di Bartolo said...

After all this time I thought Alexandra only had 2 personalities -- turns out there seem to be 4 (if you count the "Alexandra" one). Hmm. Poor poor thing. There IS a benefit to it all though as each one of her personalities buys me a Christmas gift each year -- SCORE! So long as that's the case she can keep those personalities coming! :)


chest of drawers said...
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chest of drawers said...

You and Laini are an amazing couple! And Alexandra cracks me up! I love all your illustrations and both websites and will definately be back!

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