Sunday, February 05, 2006


Well, my wife's first post just went up and what did she do? That's right, she gave me homework! Drat. But at least it'll get me to finally do a new post, so I forgive her :)

And, since she posted a self-portrait of herself I'll post one of me even though it's a few years old now:

Anyhow, there's this thing called "Tagging" other bloggers that I wasn't aware of until just now, and that's my homework, so here it goes:

Four jobs I've held:
Karate instructor
Auto Insurance Claims Adjuster (ugh...painful to remember)
Freelance Illustrator (YAY!)

Four movies I HAVE watched over & over:
So I Married an Axe Murderer
The Matrix
tie: Die Hard and Lord of the Rings (trilogy)

Four places I've lived:
Santa Cruz
Turlock, CA (ugh)
Portland, OR

Four (or more) TV shows I've watched (and freaking love):
Arrested Development
Firefly, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Office (British & American versions)
The Wire
The Shield

Four places I've vacationed:
Italy (twice)

Four of my favorite dishes:
Chicken anything
Butternut Squash fries

Four Sites I visit daily:

Four places I'd rather be:
In my future villa on the Amalfi Coast (with my wife)
driving around France (with my wife)
at the comic book store or music store (without my wife because she hates both)
tie: writing in a coffee shop with my wife OR at the movies with my wife

This is the place where I'd then "tag" someone else, but, since I'd like to tag Alexandra ( and she's already tagged herself, then I'll hold my tagging someone else for now and use it wisely for someone in the future. So, beware, you could be next...


Alexandra S said...

Yay! You have a new post up! and you mentioned Bulgaria too! Maybe we can single-handedly launch Bulgaria as a tourist destination! I'll always remember you drawing some old man on the train in Bulgaria and the looks on the others' faces and their smiles when you showed them his own portrait! Do you remember that? Great self-portrait too you included. Your artistic talent never ceases to amaze me.!

Laini Taylor said...

Don't listen to Alexandra about Bulgaria as a tourist destination!! (er, well, I guess I WOULD go there again, but there are so many other places!)

Anyway, I love the places you'd rather be on your list -- so sweet! I almost put "movies" too but then I got grand ideas in my head and put the india on an elephant thing too. And it goes without saying that I want you to be in all those places with me, too! and thank you for not making me go to the comic book and music stores. Or, at least warn me first so I can bring a book and sit in the car!!
- Love, Laini