Friday, July 06, 2007

Aim for the head

In my daily stop at Fuse #8's blog (aka - Betsy Bird), she had a great banner like the one below to take a Zombie Apocalypse survival test. Being a gigantic nerd for stuff like this AND very skilled with a hand gun (* see below) I decided to take the test being as honest as possible.


Here's my score:


BUT, if I cheat and answer how I think they want to hear, I did much better:


So, while my 54% score may be an "F" in the real world, I choose to look at it more optimistically and say that I have a slightly better than 50/50 chance of surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Or, I could become a cold-hearted b@$!@*d and only have a 3% chance of dying! A proud day indeed for ol' Jimbo :) Laini also took the test and while she's looking at the results in a glass half empty perspective, dammit she made me proud!


Laini Taylor said...

I'm glad you're not the ruthless type who would flee and leave others for dead! And honestly, there is nobody I would rather endure a zombie apocalypse with than you. It almost sounds COZY. Remember: I [heart] the Apocalypse!

Alexandra S said...

You probably shoulda spent a wee bit less time taking this stupid zombie survival test and a little more time preparing for the imminent Alexandra Apocalypse...too late now. Brace yourself.

jennifer said...

I failed miserably.. see blog....Dave fared better than me at 49%..