Saturday, May 27, 2006

2 Seahorse Skeletons out of a possible 4

Yesterday was a day that should have had the power to suck the envy from every 9 to 5'er in a 20 mile radius like a CGI vortex. We got up early, walked the dogs and went out to an amazing breakfast at "Violet's Cafe." Laini had the chevre omelette special with a side of pancakes and fruit and I had the "Vampire Slayer" scramble also with the pancakes and fruit side. (By the way, anyone out there not wanting to order the "Vampire Slayer" scramble just once in their lifetime off of the otherwise very mundane menu should cash in their whimsy glands (everyone has 3 at birth), tearfully admit that they'll never be cool enough to own this shirt and call it a life).

We then headed out to see the new X-Men movie (of which, it should be noted, Laini was at least as excited as I was to see), sat in the theatre long before it started with our writing/sketching journals and prepared to be blown away by the third installment of what have been 2 of our favorite movies. 100 minutes later we watched the credits roll and both felt that all-too-often bland taste of mediocrity from yet another "Hollywood Blockbuster." While it wasn't a bad movie per se, it wasn't a good movie either. There was a fair amount of entertainment, but we both felt that even HUGE death scenes were missing the mark of causing the viewer to care all that much. Hmm. Crappy directors stepping up and becoming so-so directors just does NOT cut it for me. Sigh. And thus, "X-Men: The Last Stand," gets a piddly 2 Seahorse Skeletons out of a possible 4, making it more X-Meh than X-Men.

THEN, we went home, fully intending to get a ton of artwork & writing done, only to be washed over with a wave of malaise, coupled with the urgency to download the next episode of "Battlestar Galactica" that we hadn't seen yet (season 2.5 is only available by download). So, after LEGALLY doing that on iTunes and being BLOWN away by how much better that 43 minutes was than the gazillion $$ X-Men movie, we decided to try to further cleanse our palette of the X-Meh by seeing something that got pretty strong reviews: "V for Vendetta."

Bad idea.

Sadly, again, while not bad, this movie was also "meh" in a lot of ways (cheesy dialogue, lame overly-bloody fights, and a heavy-handed attempt to bash the viewer over the head with comparisons between the movies corrupt political leader and a certain American leader whose name rhymes with "Moosh." So once again, 2 Seahorse Skeletons out of a possible 4.

Crap, we should have stayed home and watched the MUCH superior "Battlestar Galactica" all day long. Oh well, still better than a Friday spent handling automobile insurance claims (my pre-art-career job).


Alexandra S said...

I actually think handling autio insurance claims could have been very interesting! If you were up for a littl o' fraud, you could have orchestrated huge auto accidents with your friends (using stuntmen of course) and then handed down enormous cash settlements, like saying your breifcase with a million $ inside was blown up in the aftermath. A lot of possibilities there actually! Your day yesterday sounded very fun even if the movies were on the stinky side!

chest of drawers said...

You guys are hysterical!

liz elayne said...

well, glad to have stopped by to read this before we decide to go and see x-men. we talked about it...but now we will wait to watch it on netflix.
glad you guys are enjoying battlestar galactica so much! it is a good one.

Laini Taylor said...

Ah, isn't our life TOUGH? Pancakes and movies and Battlestar Galactica all day? And you forgot to mention the pizza and beer that went along with V for Vendetta, making it an especially naughty day. The movies might have been disappointing, but it was a delightful day! Love you.

HoBess said...

Despite the dissapointing movie fare, you're right in saying it's a day most people would envy. I love days where nothing is planned ... they are too few and yet they inevitably unfold into something unnotably memorable.

"rhymes with moosh" LOL!

Bibi said...

As an anti mon-fri/9-5'er myself, I had to chuckle at your day. My very favorite escape is to go to the movies in the middle of the day ... makes me feel as though I'm playing hookey, even though I always make up the time and typically work more hours than most my 9-5 colleagues. I call it creative license ;-)

Amber said...

Hi! I just wanted to tell you congrats about getting the cover for Laini's book! That is so great, for both of you.


HoBess said...

Just here to ditto the Congrats on Blackbringer!

Alexandra S said...

Do you want a knuckle sandwich? Then put up a new post. (for Pete's sake where on God's green Earth are you? Norwegia?)