Friday, January 26, 2007

Irons in the Fire

This piece is a cropping from something I finished last weekend. I'm not sure if I can post the whole piece at this point or even say what it's from, but I wanted to put up some new work. Suffice it to say that she's running for a good reason (all I can say is that it's from something that we hope only goes bump in the night in reality -- oooh, creepy!). I'll post the whole thing at a later time.

Back to work on a different project from the one above -- it's something near and dear, and I'll post some snippits of that work here when I feel the time is right. Lots of excitement brewing in me wee brain about it though! :)



royce buckingham said...


great to meet you two at the ALA conference. Love the art. I worked at Microsoft writing an Xbox game storyline for a while ('til they cancelled our project due to lack of spine). I worked with some fantastic artists. They'd come into my office and storyboard scenes I was writing on my dry-erase board before my very eyes. Funnest job I ever had (not to be confused with funniest). Anyway, looks like our babies (Demonkeeper and Blackbringer...both great names for children) are both going to be born this spring. Very exciting. When I come to my tied-for-second favorite city (Portland), I'm gonna look you two up for a potential lunch date and check in on how good it feels from your side. Meanwhile, great art on your site. Love it. Especially like the comic panels. I have a comic book collection myself...big surprise, I know. Some day when I quit my day job, I'm going to see if I can get something done in that world too.



xegbp said...

I love the fear on her face, it is beautiful.

I just borrowed a copy of Blackbringer from my friend Stephanie and the cover looks amazing in person.

jennifer said...

I LOVE this! It makes me so curious as to what she is running from! :)

Anonymous said...

I stupidly switched over to Google Blogger and now I can't seem to sign in anymore! I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your new painting and as always makes me crave to know the story behind the dramatic, beautiful characters. I hope to see your work on loads of covers and pages!
Alexandra S -Marvelous Madness aka "B-Shack"

Sarah Beth Durst said...

Hi Jim,

Great to meet you and Laini at SCBWI! Just poked around your site... Wow, your work is amazing. Really gorgeous stuff.

Hope you guys had a good trip home, and hope to see you both again soon.

- Sarah