Sunday, September 30, 2007

Postcards & TV

A couple times a year I get promotional postcards printed up to mail to current and (hopefully) new clients. I've always gone through Vistaprint and so far so good on the quality. My friend Kelly (who's had an amazing year and a half as a new artist!) told Laini and me about them about a year or so ago -- thanks Kelly! The above imagery is what'll be on the front of the upcoming batch & I'm looking forward to sending them out into the great unknown.

*Do right by me little ones!*

And as Laini had said in a recent post, it's TV season once again & we always watch a few new shows to see if there's anything nerdy & delicious we might be missing. After a week of watching a select few new shows (Chuck, Reaper, Bionic Woman) and a couple of returning season premieres, I can pretty confidently say that we'll NOT be adding anything to the 2 or 3 shows that we normally watch (The Office, 30 Rock, and Heroes -- although the latter may very well get dropped in a week or two if the LAZY LAZY writing and lame-o plotting from the finale last year and premiere last week continues. Consider yourself on notice "Heroes" !!!) This is actually a big relief since we won't feel like we're "missing" anything worthwhile when we work late into the night (not that the other 3 new shows I mentioned were necessarily bad, but they didn't really hook me either -- I blame it on shows like "The Wire" and "The Shield" for spoiling me and making me see the true potential for a show. Sadly both of those shows are going to air their final seasons soon *sniff sniff*)

Lastly, I'd post new art, but I don't think I can show even some of the preliminary stuff I'm doing right now, so expect more warm-ups like some of the more recent posts and maybe even some looser sketches. We'll see.


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Anonymous said...

Dwight totally should have won an Emmy by now. This is already the 4th season! I hate waiting a whole week between episodes. is it true that you would give up twenty years of yourlife if you could watch ten seasons of The Office all at once right now? wow! thats real dedication. the postcard looks awesome, btw, only thing that is missing is the painting you did of those crackhead alpacas flamenco dancing with themselves when they thought no one was watching. that was a weird day, huh?
In case there was any doubt,
This is B-Tree