Monday, November 26, 2007

Belated Thanksgiving (pie!) post and some warm-up art

This is a drawing I was warming up with the other day and then I put in some paint to screw around a bit before getting to work. Not much else that I've done that I can show here, so...on to some Thanksgiving pictures!

Laini and I hosted a smaller crowd than we have in recent years (my awesome mom, and my sister and her family weren't able to make it up this year, darnit) but we still made WAY too much food. Good thing we like left-overs (speaking of which, we polished those off tonight at dinner -- sigh...)

Here's a pic taken by Laini's mom at our dinner table:

Her sweet mom had gotten me this (highly recommended!) pie cookbook for my last birthday:

And here're a few pix of the pie-making process, including the (if I may say so myself!) impressive cross-section pic once we started cutting it!

Oh, and lastly, for those who've been following Laini's blog about how nature has been coming to attack us, here's the latest assault. That's right, murderous seagulls!


rilla said...

That pie looks beautiful. so sad you chopped it up and had its innards squishing through. maybe the murderous seagulls were hanging out for pie once they got a whiff of its entrails.
OK, quick question--how come, in every picture, the pie is already made? fishy, fishy.

Alexandra S said...

Lordy lordy lordy that was one delicious pie! Its almost torture to see the close-up photos of it...the memories it brings back. You know the story where I said to Laini long ago, "You know what? the kind of friend you remember when you are 80 years old is one who will send you a loaf of bananabread in the mail!" Well, you know what I also say? I also say, "You know the kind of friend you will remember even more when you are 80 years old than some dopey friend who sent you a loaf of bananabread in the mail? A friend who will make you a huge fresh apple pie and then deliver it to you at work just as you pull up in the parking lot." Another thing I say is "You know what kind of friend I will remember on my 80th birthday? One who makes you an apple and pear and berry pie and mails it to you so you don't actually have to see this person in person." Anyway, GREAT artwork!!!!! I love all the pieces you are doing. There hasn't been one that hasn't been superb- way to go Jimbo!