Thursday, March 20, 2008

Charlie Huston rocks!

Just a quickie to say that I finished the the "Henry Thompson" trilogy written by Charlie Huston. They are as follows: CAUGHT STEALING, SIX BAD THINGS, and A DANGEROUS MAN. As I wrote in a previous post, I wasn't sure if I'd like these as much as the SO good Joe Pitt vampire P.I. books, but now I'm completely torn on which I enjoyed the most (for similar and very different reasons).

Anyhow, I just wanted to publicly tip my hat for the man. He's got 2 trilogies out as well as a stand-alone that came out last summer (next on my list) and another book due in September. Quite an accomplishment considering his first book came out in 2004.

I should have some new art to post shortly. Until then, read some books, watch the final season of The Wire (YOWZA!) and check out the FX series (now on DVD) "Damages" -- solid serialized TV!


Craig Zablo said...

Actually the Joe Pitt series will be 6 books!

Jim Di Bartolo said...

6?!! Man that's great news! Thanks for the heads-up!