Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Marco Polo and a quick catch up

So this is the full front of the MARCO POLO cover I did for Simon and Schuster a couple of months back. The full image is a wrap-around. They've released the image on their website and on Amazon among others so I think it's safe for me to post it here. It comes out in May '09 and I'm really looking forward to it hitting the shelves! I had a blast working on it and I hope it does really well. Fingers crossed!

I can't post anything from the several projects I've been working on lately, but once things are released by the publishers I'll announce and/or post more work here. Until then, I'll just say that I'm working on some of the most fun projects of my career and I just feel very thankful right now.

I have managed to see a few movies and listen to some good music (the movies on our rare, quick outings, but luckily I can have music on in the studio to provide a soundtrack to my work day). Despite not kicking butt in the box office, Laini and I LOVED the following: RocknRolla, Let the Right One In, and Role Models -- all GREAT and each VERY different from the next. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to list three more varied movies if I tried. As far as music goes, I've been listening to "TOBACCO" a lot. Like a LOT LOT. Also "The Impossible Shapes," old albums and EPs from "Midlake," "Modeselektor," and "Tut Tut" (among many many others, but those stand out to me right now -- check them out!)

Lastly, since it's not going to appear in print anywhere, here's a snippit from a piece I did for...something. But again, it won't see print, so here's part of it. I'll put the whole thing and a lot of other new art on a big website redesign in the Spring once projects are farther along and ARCs (advanced reader copies) are released. Oh, and it's very mixed-media with some digital patterns and touches added at the end:

Happy Holidays everyone! Support your local artists and crafty-folks and small shops if you can. They make the best stuff anyway.


holly cupala said...

Wow. Those are really incredible, Jim. I always did think Marco Polo was a fascinating character, and the other...just...fools, fools! Whoever didn't use that gorgeous image.

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Hey Holly! Thanks for the VERY kind words :) Much appreciated (and, it was great to see you last week!). Yeah, Marco Polo's definitely an interesting character and the story in this book takes a look at his youth with some fantastical elements added in to give it some extra fun. As for the unused piece, the publishers chose another piece I did that I think is really strong too, so it's all good! :) Thanks for your support though! Holly's got my back!


Cuppa Jolie said...

Just gorgeous, Jim. Truly! I can't wait to own a book with Laini's beautiful words accompied by you gorgeous art!

Stephanie Perkins said...

The Marco Polo book is AWESOME. Wow! Love it, love it, love it. All that hard work paid off!! Congratulations!

(And you KNOW I love the Lips Touch one. Le sigh! So romantic.)

We finally saw Let the Right One In on Friday. I thought Asheville wasn't going to get it at all. MAN! So. Good. And gorgeously shot too. I loved the color palate -- white, icy blue, orange, & brown. It made me want to knit a hat.