Saturday, May 09, 2009

Book covers and a website update

A snapshot of some of the book covers I've done for various publishers. LIPS TOUCH, The DRAGON'S PEARL, and SILKSINGER are all advance reader's copies (ARCs) and therefore in paperback form for now. Once I get hardcovers in the coming months as their release dates approach I'll probably put pics of them up as well.

Also, I did a small website update and plan to do a much larger one in the coming months once I'm given the OK by the publishers to show more of my recent work.


CocoaStomp said...


Stephanie Perkins said...

Your website updates look GREAT!!! WOO HOO (and congratulations)! So many pretty pictures :) You create such gorgeous work!

johanna said...

The site looks amazing, and your artwork too! (Of course!!)

I tried to leave a comment the other day, but it was right after I drank the very first Red Bull of my life, and I don't think I ever followed through, seeing as I was in some kind of altered 'hummingbird' state.

Really, it's for the best because it was a crazy comment...all about the wonders of Red Bull, and thanking you for inspiring me to try Red Bull. Wow. This comment isn't turning out much better. Damn you, Red Bull!

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Thank you Jaime, Stephanie, and Johanna! And Johanna, beware, I only (ONLY!) bust out that stuff like for a day or two every year, when it's REALLY necessary. I don't want to have caused some sort of Red Bull induced downward slide for you :) Proceed with caution! You've been warned!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

I found your January 2008 post on Leroy and Adequan, and (I hope it's not too late to be asking these, but) I have a few questions.

First of all, I'm incredibly thankful that I found your post! I'm in a similar situation with my 12 year old Golden, Lucky, who has severe arthritis and is currently taking Rimadyl and Tramadol (an analgesic). Lucky has arthritis in all her joints and along her spine. Her vet started her on Rimadyl two years ago and she responded very well to it. Recently, however, her arthritis has gotten worse. She doesn't walk around very much her vet decided to start her on the Tramadol, which helps somewhat. He said besides the medications she's on, there really isn't much he can do (besides Cortisone, which he will only use a last resort).

When I pushed further, he mentioned Adequan, for which his clinic has had a 50-50 success rate. He also mentioned that it primarily helps the hips. I am willing to try it if it might be beneficial to Lucky and slow the course of her arthritis.

Do you know if Adequan is helpful in severe arthritis cases where even Rimadyl isn't enough to control the pain? And are the injections painful? Have you noticed any side effects? Thanks so much for your insight!


BJW said...

Your illustrations are freaking cool. Really excited for your next books and beyond. Great job, keep it up! Look forward to following your blog. My whole family thinks you and your wife are brilliant and yet still very humble and down-to-earth. Pleasure to have met you and look forward to bumping into you at future conferences (or just gawking at your illustrations).

BJW said...

Altered humming bird state... Funny.