Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sketch & paint

I would LOVE to illustrate a book or comic book in this style someday. TOO much fun watercoloring off of quick loose sketches like this!


BJW said...

Very cool.

For the ignorant (me), is it the process or finished look, feel, etc that you love?

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Well, with so much incredible art-talent in your family I doubt you're too ignorant about art-making (you self-deprecator, you! ;) but I think you nailed it on your guess there. It's both of those really. I love how it looks (finished) and I love the loose process of the sketching step-- just basically getting placement and expression down (but loosely because the linework is mostly going to get lost) and then just going for it with the watercolors. Oh, and the watercolor technique is of the Burt Silverman/David Levine/George Pratt/Kent Williams school of painting on Strathmore Plate Bristol. Again, TOO fun!

BJW said...

Great, thanks Jim. Hope you do illustrate a book someday like this. Now I can act like I know stuff to people,

"Oh, yeah, you see her Jim's flirting with the Silverman/Levine and co school of watercoloring." etc

Getting a glimpse behind the Great Oz's curtain is a treat. Lots of levers and switches you've got there. Love it.