Thursday, May 27, 2010

Up early working and listening to...

...some old PJ Harvey. One of my all-time favorite musical talents. Wow she's awesome:

(But why does Blogger crop YouTube clips? What the heck?!) (***Update: Thanks to "Somebody" for leaving a comment for me showing me how to fix the vid-squish. Much appreciated!***)


Heather said...

I got to meet her once, at a friend's wedding.

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Whaaaaat???? NO FAIR! I have no idea what she'd be like to chat with, but I'd imagine it would be interesting. Yes?

Somebody said...

About the blogger/youtube thing, I finally figured out why it does that.

The width of the blog post section is 410px (at least in the Minima template), and the default width of the video is 425px. The video is just too wide (or the post too narrow, whatever).

To make the video smaller, you've got to do a teensy bit of html. Get your youtube code, and make sure you're in the "edit html" part of your post editor.

There will be two sets of this:
width="425" height="355"

You want to change both to:
width="400" height="334"

And it will fit!

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Hey thanks "Somebody" !! Your html skills are much appreciated :)