Friday, September 17, 2010

Booklist chooses Lips Touch!!

Laini and I were very excited to hear that Booklist (which is the digital counterpart of the ALA's (American Library Association's) Booklist magazine) has chosen LIPS TOUCH as one of their 2010 top 10 YA Romance novels! And it was also pretty flattering that they used my cover art for the list's logo. We're both very honored! And congrats to all of the other books and creators mentioned (including our awesome friend L.K. Madigan and her wonderful novel Flash Burnout. Go Lisa! And also our super-talented friend David Levithan and his novel Will Grayson Will Grayson!). Go here for the full list.

Sorry for the lack of activity here as well. I've been working on a few projects, but they're all at the "You can't show anybody" stage either because they're under a non-disclosure agreement by the publishers, or because they're collaborative pitches that those involved don't want to share to the masses until they're further along and seen by publishers. Anyhow, I hope everyone has had a great summer. Cheers!


Evie said...

Love your artwork. I'm bidding on the alternate cover of Lips Touch Three Times. I'm a huge fan of Laini's so it would be great to win.

I watched your interview clip. The two of you seem so relaxed and friendly. It's good to see down to earth people succeed. I wish you, Laini and Clem great success and the best of everything.


A movie of Hatchling would be AWESOME SAUCE!!

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Hi Evie! Hey thanks so much for bidding on the alt LIPS TOUCH cover piece. It's for a great cause and an AMAZING friend, so I wish you luck not only because of your kind words, but also for supporting Bridget!

Oh, and I agree, a Hatchling movie would RULE the earth!!!


Hello Hoobubby said...

Its time to update your blog. I'll give you 25.4 hours or I will do it for you on the exploding possum population in Pdx.

tone almhjell said...

Ha! I'm here on the same mission as Alexandra. Come back. Blog. Hurry.

(but I don't know how to explode possums without my universal remote).