Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rex Mundi #6 art samplings

Here are 2 images (one from a finished panel and one from a panel in progress) from Rex Mundi issue #6 from Dark Horse Comics. Fun stuff to be working on and I'm about to get started on the climax of the story (where things get really creepy and good! :)

Ooh! And a new episode of "The Office" is on tonight!



Rob Kistner said...

Jim -

I really enjoyed your site. Your illustration is wonderful.

I am a writer and artist sharing your corner of the Northwest, living here in the Rose City. I do not have the gift for illustration you have. My work is abstract.

Stop by and visit my blog sometime.

--and so it goes--

Sunday Scribblings said...

Hi Sweetie! For some reason the connection at the airport wouldn't let me email you; hm. thought I'd try this instead, though I can't really write was i was GOING to write! Love you!

Juan Ferreyra said...

Jim, awesome stuff! I cant wait for this to ship into my hands! I'm glad to have you back between us and I hope I see some more new stuff out of you soon.

I saw that you like Clap your hands... I love them too, cant have enough, but I bet you had the oportunity to se them live...

anyway, keep up the good work!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Looking good so far.