Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Radiohead (and other music & podcasts too!)

Working in the studio I have a rotation of what I listen to depending on my mood or what I'm doing at the time. For example, whenever I'm reading a script or story to illustrate -- straight on through the brainstorming and thumbnailing/layout stage -- I'll usually have either classical or ambient music or just plain old silence. Pretty much all of my other working time I am SO thankful to have such great options to listen to while I work. There's streaming internet radio from around the world (for free!!), or I can listen to music from my iTunes library (most of it purchased through but organized in my iTunes player), or choose from the fantastic variety of podcast options that are available for free (!!) online and at the iTunes store. I also toss in a fair amount of listening to C-SPAN (especially during election season), and of course NPR and some selected Air America programming.

Anyhow, nothing profound to say here (obviously!) but having so many options to choose from for a soundtrack of sorts to one's working time (when you want it) is a plus in my book.

This rambling post is accompanied by a Radiohead sketch I drew while Laini and I watched some Masterpiece Theater the other night. The likenesses aren't necessarily the greatest, but I tried to do it loosely and without erasing, so that's what you get I suppose ;)

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