Friday, May 02, 2008

White Wolf inks - pt. 5

This is a cropped portion of another White Wolf piece, or better known as "Attack of the giant naked dude rampaging through the streets!"


Christopher said...

Hey Jim, I think the perspective is a little screwy in this one or something. The guy on the right looks HUGE compared to the other guy!

(I've been enjoying these, thanks for posting 'em.)

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Thanks for popping by Christopher! And thanks for pointing out that I should probably have put a caption to this one! Hopefully the new caption clarifies things enough :)

Christopher said...

Heh. Did you lift that straight from the text of the novel you're illustrating?

And I hope you know that I was being a smarta$$ there. ;)

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Heh. I thought you might be, but I wasn't sure :) It did make me realize that out of context, the image might seem screwier than it is, so seriously, thanks!