Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tattoo design

This is a picture of one cool dude. His name is Kyle, and while we've never met, I can attest to said "cool"ness because of his kind online support and words over the past almost 4 years. When Laini and I had THE DROWNED published by Image Comics in 2004, he was quick to contact us to express his enjoyment of what we'd created and even put up some supportive message board threads on various comic book sites publicly praising the book -- like I said, cool guy!!!

We've touched base here and there over the past few years and a few months back he hired me to design this tattoo for him (as seen in the surprisingly awesome "Constantine" movie). The symbol is called "The Sulfur of Perfection" and is used with very cool results in the flick.

Anyhow, I know that others have gotten tattoos of my work, both by hiring me (awesome!!) or by swiping designs (still very cool) but to further along Kyle's "cool guy" rep, he followed through and sent me a pic of the tattoo once he got inked. LOVE IT! Thanks Kyle!

**(If others "out there" have gotten tattoos of my art and are reading this, feel free to e-mail me photos of the results! It's a cool honor indeed and I'd love to see them!)**


Stephanie Perkins said...

Did I not tell you??? Jarrod shaved my head and tattooed Poppy Manygreen onto my scalp with a nail and the ink from a Bic pen.

It's very classy.

Seriously though, that tattoo is AWESOME! So, so cool. I hope you get sent some more pictures!

zombies! zombies! ZOMBIES! said...

dude this is awesome!

I hope you like my blog! Please follow or leave a comment. or....BOTH!

Anonymous said...

Dude im thinking about getting that tattoo. What is the exact size for it. Or what should I tell the tattoo artist.

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