Friday, June 20, 2008

New favorite (almost) cussing rant!

Here's another small portion of a White Wolf piece that I couldn't help adding some colors to. Ultimately this'll be inked instead and printed in black & white just like the last posted piece.

As for the blog post title, yesterday I was listening to one of my top 5 favorite podcasts, Fanboy Radio, (they cover movies, comics, video games, etc. -- all things nerdy) and the host (Scott Hinze) said my favorite new cuss-rant: "What the crap, mother-crapper?!" HA! Cracked me up as I was drawing. So...use it often and pass it on! ;)

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Stephanie Perkins said...


Do you think I could get away with using it at work?

PATRON: "Excuse me, would you mind ordering the latest Nicholas Sparks for me?"

ME: "Do I LOOK like I want to order the latest Nicholas Sparks for you? What the crap, mother-crapper?! Grow some frigging taste and try me next week!"