Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Hate #&^%*$@ Spoilers

I was just finishing up this piece in the studio while Laini was painting patterns nearby and we had Air America's awesome Thom Hartmann Show on when the newsbreak came on at the top of the hour and randomly, oddly, uncharacteristically (!!!) mentioned a spoiler to a TV show that we download off iTunes. CRAP! I'm a huge spoiler-hater and have literally gotten pretty mad at people at times who jokingly spoil the end of a book I'm reading or movie I'm looking forward to seeing. (I mean, what the hell?!!)

Anyhow, at least today brought me to the conclusion of another new piece & that greatly overshadows any silly TV show spoiler. I'm only putting up a cropped detail of the piece for now, partly because I want to do a semi-big update on my website soon that'll "unveil" some new work, and partly because I'm not positive that the piece is 100% done quite yet. We'll see.


P.S. -- Don't forget to vote in the upcoming election! :)


Laini Taylor said...

I LOVE this one, sweetie! Love all these new pieces, but this one the most. More, more!

Alexandra S said...

My favorite is the last one but I LOVE this too- they are such beautiful & intriguing characters. I don't want to spoil anything for you after your post but on The Office tonight, which I got an early preview of, Dwight becomes desperate and joins Al Queda. Its going to be totally intense, AND if thats not enough, we learn that Jim is really a WOMAN! C'mon! Enough is enough-they've gone over the top.

kelly rae said...

i am loving the look in her eye. there's hope in those eyes - sparlke. she's my fav.

xegbp said...

That Face! Wow! I can not wait to see the whole piece.

Alexandra S said...

Jimboboing, I am in shock! I just saw her walking down the street on Skidmore. Go to your canvas immediately. I think she escaped!@!^!!&!!!*!!!!! Call me on my cell. I'm going to go back and run after her. (Don't worry! I'm bringing my buffaloing net.)