Sunday, October 22, 2006

Are You Watching "Heroes?" . . .

...because MAN that show's awesome! It's surprisingly gory (given that we're living in a society that loses bladder control at the sighting of a woman's nipple) but if you can stomach some blood, it's been consistently intriguing and smart (in a nerdy sort of way). Check it out!

Also, I just finished another piece. It's a bit more adult/teen-oriented and I've attached a cropping/detail of it above. This one's a mixed media piece like the last few (watercolor, oils, digital-colors, & digital-collage). I'm trying to get another two or three done in the next week or so and I'll post at least one of them here once I finish.

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xegbp said...

I love Heros. It is smart and entertaining and just mysterious enough.

rubixcubeman said...

If you like Heroes you'll love my blog, All about real heroes who have super powers just like the folks on the show. If you have a story thats out of the ordinary, or if you know a real life hero story come share it with me. If you have a hero story blogged, I'll link to it. Heroes is the best show on tv!