Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Catching up

This was the promo banner for a gathering Laini and I were honored enough to be a part of last week. After finishing the Rex Mundi issue I was doing for Dark Horse, I prepared a short presentation about the "Inside Story" of creating the artwork for Laini's book "Faeries of Dreamdark." The gathering was organized by the Western Washington SCBWI and hosted by the very sweet and talented Jaime Temairik.

Below are some pics of recent happenings that I've been too darn busy to post about. The arrival of advance hardcover copies of Laini's book complete with my wraparound jacket (!!), some birthday pics (one with Laini's mom), and a belly-dancer at a local Moroccan restaurant (it's okay, it's Laini's dollar and she was the one taking the picture :)

Some pix from our brief trip to an alpaca farm in Hood River when my mom came to visit these past few days (plus another b-day straggler photo). Aren't alpaca's freakily weird looking?

Oh (!) and a picture too fun not to share (me an my lovely and amazing Mom and some fantastic cupcakes from St. Cupcake here in Portland! :)

In a bizarre reminder of how small our world can be sometimes, when that last pic of me at the waterfall was taken, a guy walked by that I KNEW I knew from somewhere. He said "CCAC?" (the art school I went to in San Francisco) -- turns out we had a painting class together about 7 years ago and he and his wife just moved to Portland 3 months ago after having lived in NY for a few years. So, they moved to Portland and just happened to be at the waterfall about 40 minutes outside of town when we were. SCREWY!!!

Lastly, I'm starting to lay out a complete website re-design. I'm not positive when it'll be done, but I'll post a note here once it is.

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kelly rae said...

ooohh, can't wait to see that new website of yours. and i love all the photos and catch up over here. i esp love that last photo of th alpaca. hilarious. don't they have the most beautiful eyes???