Friday, May 25, 2007

Tacoma WLMA

Laini and I drove up to Tacoma yesterday to speak at the annual dinner meet and greet with authors and/or illustrators held by the Tacoma WLMA (Washington Library Media Association). This year they were kind enough to invite us to join them and speak about our lives, careers, and the creation of Laini's upcoming book. While the book is definitely Laini's baby and her creation, it was an honor to be involved in the book itself as well as to be invited to participate in the event. We met so many wonderful librarians and teachers from the Tacoma area that when we drove home late last night, we mostly kept restating to one another how much fun we'd had. So if anyone reading this was at the event last night, thank you (!) for making the evening so enjoyable :)

Here are some more pics. First from outside of the coastline restaurant where the event was held:

Then, one with our driving companion before he went back to guard/rest in the car:

And a few more (Laini speaking, me speaking, and both of us signing):

We recorded our speeches at the event and if I can figure out the technology, I'll post a link or some such so everyone can hear our talks. Wish me luck! :)



kelly rae said...

you guys are so friggin cool.

Rampian said...

Congrats on the event! Kids' book people are by and large pretty darn fun to be around (give 'em a few drinks and woah, those librarians!). So, had you spoken in front of a big group before? How was it? I'm getting a little better each time but I still get a tad nervous before a talk.

You guys are such great ambassadors for your work---a publisher's dream!