Monday, August 04, 2008


Hmm, wasn't sure how many "w"s to put in that last warble sound effect. Too many? Not enough? Hmm. Feedback welcome.

Anyhow, here's a snippit in progress (prior to inking and watercolor washes) for a White Wolf 1970's werewolf hunting piece for one of their upcoming RPG books. COOL! Sideburns baby! YEAH!


tinker said...

Your cards look very cool! I just came over from Laini's blog, and wanted to tell you I was blown away by your amazingly gorgeous illustration of Magpie. WOW!!

p.s. I think that looks like just about the right amount of W's - though maybe a couple more hyphens, just for emphasis?! :-)

jennifer said...

I think that that was enough w''s what I would have put.

Love these 70's guys , especially the one with the 'fro.:) Very cool.


Jehsyka said...

Three w's? I suppose that's okay. I, myself, would have gone with five, but, hey, everyone's different. ;)
You did terrific with this. The detail and the emotion in their faces...whoa, it's superb. I wish I could make such skillful pictures, but a while ago I choose to take the path of writing instead of art, but I suppose, like your wife, I could do both.
Once again, SUPERB.

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Hey thanks so much! SO kind of you all :)