Friday, August 15, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

Okay, so it's actually been a great day and a great week, but that title just seemed too good to pass up for this piece that I'm working on for White Wolf :)

Happy weekend all!



Caroline said...

Wow this is brilliant - and the second weird octopus I've seen today (the first was in a local toy shop window...)

Sorry, I haven't introduced myself, I'm Caroline, I just came from Laini's after decades of neglecting her blog... but then I've been a very slack blogger recently...

And I came here to congratulate you too, 3 months late on your 7 years together. My husband's also called Jim and we've been married 7 years as well ;-)

So happy 7 years and it looks like you enjoyed your anniversary present too.

tone almhjell said...

'Yes, yes, I said I'd take you for coffee. Stop tickling!'