Thursday, August 21, 2008


OK, so I know I posted this art before, but my AMAZING wife Laini and I just went to see them live last night because she bought tickets for us as an anniversary gift to me a few months ago and ZOWIEEEE! was it was fanTAStic! Here is a video from last night (though not recorded by us -- we didn't bring our camera -- but we were VERY close to the stage in the pit area (HUZZAH!) And it was the calmest "pit" I've ever been in at a concert, but we definitely didn't mind. I suppose we're getting old, eh? :)

They played so many of my favorite songs, and came back for two very extended encores, but I was still hoping for "House of Cards" and "Karma Police" before they wrapped for the night -- sadly I didn't get my wish (guess we'll have to see them again sometime!) While they did play a few older songs, they mostly stuck to tracks from their last two albums (I'll bet SOMEwhere out there somebody who recorded "Bodysnatchers" caught my scratchy-voiced scream of joy when ol' Thom started to strum the opening (geez I love that song!). Anyhow, great to finally see them live as I've been a fan since The Bends.

Thanks to the internet, I found their set list from the show. I think it's accurate if memory serves:

15 Step



There There

All I Need (see video from last night above)

Pyramid Song

Talk Show Host

National Anthem

The Gloaming



Faust Arp/Tell Me Why (Neil Young cover)

Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Climbing Up The Walls

Dollars and Cents




How To Disappear Completely

Arpeggi/Weird Fishes


In Limbo

Street Spirit


You And Whose Army

No Surprises

Everything In Its Right Place

Oh, and I recommend that anyone who attends a concert at the White River Amphitheater: just plan on napping in your car for a couple of hours after the show while you wait for the traffic to clear out (which we did) instead of getting stuck in a line of unmoving cars (for 2 hours!). Sheesh, I'm glad we got some sleep instead of trying to leave right away. I should add that the wait in the parking lot didn't even begin to spoil the 2 and a half hours plus performance they put on (did I mention ZOWIEEEE! ??)

We also had a GREAT time hanging out with some dear SCBWI and other creative friends before the concert:

Thanks for coming to lunch guys! We loves ya! :)

And a HUGE thank you to our friend Nina for the tour of the Wizards of the Coast offices! WOW that was cool!

A great day indeed.

And now...back to work for me!


Stephanie Perkins said...

That art is AMAZING!!!!!

Holyeffingbuttholes, Jim. I'd buy that as a print in a SECOND. *covet covet covet*

SO glad the show was as amazing as you'd hoped! Jarrod and I had that same situation with the traffic afterwards. We tried to nap it out, but ended up just people-watching instead. There was a LOT of boozin' going on. (Scary to then get on the road with those people!)

tone almhjell said...

I love Radiohead, too, but I really only listen to the old albums. Love Street Spirit and No Surprises. No Suprises sounds oddly familiar, steeped in pitch black mornings and murky noons, but then it was written backstage in Oslo after they had warmed up for R.E.M, so that may be why.

Matt Camp said...

WhaaaaaaT?!? My jealousy knows no bounds.

Whatever, I'm getting this movie in the mail from Netflix in December called "The Dark Knight", I can't wait to see it. Now who's jealous?